Jussi Heinonen

Jussi S. Heinonen
Principal Investigator


Dr. Jussi S. Heinonen is a Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland at the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki. His interest in EC-AFC modeling arose during his postgraduate and postdoc studies when studying the magmatic evolution of the Karoo continental flood basalts from Antarctica. His current project coined "Partial melting processes at the contact zones of layered intrusions" concentrates on the interactions of magma and wallrock in large mafic intrusions that includes the influence of wallrock partial melt contamination and contamination by block stoping on the mineralogical and melt evolution of the main magma body  (project webpage: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/jsheinon/). MCS is a central part of this project and Jussi has spent year 2017 at Central Washington University and University of California Santa Barbara to learn the capabilities of the code with Wendy and Frank and to extend its capabilities as well. He has also been involved in MCS workshops and in developing a more user-friendly trace element interface for the MCS. When not studying igneous rocks he likes to listen and watch vintage Grateful Dead YouTube videos in addition to sampling local microbreweries.


Geochemistry and magmatic evolution of continental flood basalts and mafic intrusions. I am especially concerned with the conceptual process of the deconvolution of multiple magma chamber evolutionary processes from geochemical, petrological, petrographic, and geochronological data on cogenetic suites of plutonic and volcanic rocks.